The Most Exciting Field

Currently residing in New York, I work as a Product Manager for Yonder Music. It's a lovely blend of my passion for music and my passion for mobile technology. Formely I worked in Apps & Emerging Platforms for Viacom. I worked on their suite of iOS apps including, Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, Bellator MMA, VH1, Logo and BET. I joined Viacom and MTV in 2008 just as Apple was launching the App Store. That changed everything and started my obsession with mobile technology. In 2012 I authored a book on iOS 6 that was intended to help new users of iPads and iPhones. It feels like ages ago, a true indicator of the rate of change we all experience when dealing with technology.

I have 12 years of experience working with digital media. I've worked freelance as a writer, designer, content manager & audio producer. Clients include,, Iconduit Media Management &

A Breakdown

Catnapp Studios

Catnapp Studios

A group of tech savvy ladies and I partnered to create a company catered to developing apps for cats and the animal community. Started Summer of 2016, Catnapp Studios will first bring to life creative apps, you guessed it, for cats! More to come!


I'm a student at City University of New York (CUNY), majoring in Communication & Media. I research convergent media, technology adoption and technology's impact on culture.


In 2012 Packt Publishing commissioned a book on the iPad and iOS 6. I agreed to author the book and the result is a short guide with tutorials, tips and tricks. It was primarily for the novice and a good starter book for someone wanting a quick overview of iOS and Apple's suite of apps.

Animal Welfare Coalition of Northern New Mexico

The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico assists the Las Vegas, NM animal shelter with the care of the animals, promotes spay/neuter programs and prevents animal abuse and neglect. I grew up in this tiny community and no place needs it more than there. Please consider donating.